The Portsmouth Hoy is a traditional old world pub hosting a timeless and restful quality to the prevailing mood found in this popular pub. The decor is predominantly dark wood constructed in a style reminiscent of an old sailing ship. Many artefacts relating to the nautical and aquatic life can be seen placed around the walls. Given the relaxing ambience of the pub, many a regular, with a fine beer in hand, can be found happily whiling away the odd hour here and there waffling about nothing in particular. The more determined regulars will partake of our menu to enjoy good food giving them the necessary energy to while away yet more hours. The skill, determination and dedication given to whiling away the hours, helped by fine real ales and beer, and the aforementioned wonderful food, should not be underestimated. If you want to see world class players in action – Then this is the only place to be. Anywhere else is quite frankly, nowhere !! If you want a good informal social night out with your friends, sharing food and drink, without breaking the bank, then you couldn’t do much better than us. If you have an event or party then talk or e-mail us your needs and we will see what we can do for you.