If there is one thing that plays a crucial role in today’s thermal engineering perhaps it is Thermal Analysis. In any thermal engineering design project, thermal analysis plays a key role in which the properties of materials are carefully studied as well as their effect on temperature. Thermal analysis, when carefully conducted, will tell the thermal behavior of any system, showing the temperature at various points and the temperature gradients. And it will also show how heat is exchanged between components inside the system and between the system and the environment. By providing such information, thermal analysis can guide you to the right layout for your system. Just a couple of decades ago, engineers used to work day and night to get limited information by conducting time-consuming experiments. The introduction of thermal analysis software, such as Icepak and FloTHERM, has changed all of that. Now, engineers can get accurate results in much less time.

While conducting thermal analysis, we solve conduction, convection and radiation equations inside a domain. The domain includes the system we are analyzing (such as computer or equipment), but also a portion of the space surrounding the system. Many times, the full heat transfer equations are solved in the analysis. At other times, one may concentrate on just conduction and radiation or just convection only.

In any model, there are two crucial elements of thermal analysis:

  • The accuracy of the physical model – The accuracy of any thermal model depends on the accuracy of the main aspects of the model, including shape and size of critical components, interfaces between components, etc.

  • The properties and inputs of components – By properties and inputs, we mean things like thermal conductivity, density, radiation factors, power distributions, etc. The accuracy of the model also depends on the accuracy of these inputs.

When there is no inhouse thermal expertise, thermal analysis and modeling can best be done by thermal management consulting firms quickly and cost-effectively. One such company providing consulting in thermal modeling and analysis services is Thermal Design Solutions.

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